IT industry has been experiencing dramatic changes, due to the innovations that have come in handy in recent years. This has been both advantageous and somehow challenging to the IT outsourcing industry due to many things involved.

Also, the IT industry has been having many issues in delivering services to clients, especially response time has been low, hindering the enterprise operations, affecting security too, with AI, all these issues have been addressed. Challenging issues may become a thing of the past and a great future is ahead of us, even though challenges exist, but much is going to be witnessed. There are many ways that AI will change the IT outsourcing business. These are;

  1. Automation of services

For IT industries, delivering services on time or in a short time as possible is a key indicator of performance. Clients must be satisfied by solving their issues in a short time so that they may be able to have business continuity. AI is bringing all these to the IT industry as most of the services can be done by automation.

Automation of services is a game-changer in the IT industry. Ability to execute and deliver any IT services in an automated process is going is changing the way things are done and is reducing the time it takes for an IT vendor to respond to any emergency such as system failure, database issues, system recovery and also delivering of essential services that companies rely on to do her work. Any system that a company uses to work can adversely impact its production, therefore, any automated IT outsourcing company will be competitive enough to get business from such organizations that know time is a very important factor in their production.

AI is bringing a lot on the table as most of the software applications are now being automated and any technical issues that arise, it is solved online.  Big players such as Microsoft, Oracle, and many other companies are growing due to automation as they can be able to support their client virtually without necessarily being there physically. AI makes very few errors when implementing anything, then humans who have to keep on trying different ways of solving problems.

  • Reduction of cost

Solving any issues that rises at the comfort of the office or even without doing anything, will drastically reduce the cost of running the IT outsourcing business. Machine learning techniques will help in reducing job training costs or even eliminate any expenses due to AI technology that can train machines itself. Most IT outsourcing companies will always be automating processes when issues arise from their clients, eliminating travel costs and other costs that come with physically going to the client’s locations.

Besides, AI services are becoming cheaper because of shared resources and technology. Therefore, implementing AI in IT outsourcing can be cheaper due to open source technology that is available and can be used in developing AI problem-solving techniques that can help IT outsourcing in reducing its cost.

  • Security Boost

AI has brought improvement in security. Outsourcing IT services was a being hit by cybersecurity issues and breaches every day that brought many IT companies credibility levels be questioned. But thanks to AI, it has secured data and information in all areas. Some of the companies like video streaming companies have enjoyed great success due to AI, for example Netflix has grown due to AI protecting its content from being copied or being hacked into. AI can identify any security breaches in a system before hackers get any access. It brings security to IT outsourcing, helping the industry to grow knowing it is safe in the hands of AI.

  • Joblessness

Yes, AI is replacing people’s jobs with automation. Some technicians are being replaced by AI everyday as most of their jobs are being automated and done virtually without the necessity of physically doing the work. Machines know about what was being done by humans and are doing the work without any error as humans do. Over 90 percent of what AI is doing, is better than what humans do because they do it perfectly and can reduce the time taken to implement it. In the future most people will be sent home as AI is continuing to develop and innovations are coming up with new ways of using it to give better output. Even though AI has brought some disadvantages, we have witnessed a lot of improvement, new ways of doing things, and innovations that have helped in making IT outsourcing faster and excellent in delivering services to its clients. Companies can now survive with a little capital by finding leverage in AI.  The future looks promising we are still going to witness great changes in the coming years as many technologies are being developed that can help push AI to the next level.

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